Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Wk 6 Art

3rd Grade:
  • Rose Study: contour lines
  • Starry Night study
4th Grade:
  • Blue Horse replica gridwork
5th Grade:
  • Proportions of the face
  • partner portraits, labeled
6th Grade:
  • Texture cubes
  • Texture as lines: linear texture

I am working on posting some pictures of artwork for each grade. Please continue to check the blog for those!
Additionally, I apologize for missing a blog post for Wk 5. Here are the highlights:
  • 3rd Grade: Lines as a moving dot (Run-Skip-Jump project)
  • 4th Grade: Began Blue Horse (Franz Marc) replica through gridwork
  • 5th Grade: Student choice partner portraits (blind + continuous/blind contour/continuous line)
  • 6th Grade: Gesture drawings

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