Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Note to 5B Parents (Miss Sims' class/Oakenshield)

5B Parents (Oakenshield),

Before Spring Break, I was reading "To Build a Fire" by Jack London to the students while they worked on their projects. If your student would like to complete the story, we left off at 14:03.

I would definitely encourage them to finish the story (can be done over several days). Listening to stories while you work on something is a wonderful way to relax and engage at the same time!

5B Students,

Lets review what we know so far in the story: The man is traveling to meet his friends. He thinks it is at least 55 degrees below 0, but it is actually 70 degrees below 0 (according to the instincts of the dog that joined him on his travels). The man is starting to get frost bite but chooses to keep going. He has just stopped to take a break and eat a snack, which proved to be difficult due to the cold.

Remember what we discussed: this is a naturalist story. The man's knowledge is based on his intellectual abilities and his experiences, but the dog's knowledge (which is more accurate) is based on pure instinct. This story is revealing the difference between man and nature- man is knowledgeable but nature is more powerful and cannot be controlled. 


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